MyFirstWig Wig Class: How To Measure Your Head?

“I want to wear a wig but I don’t know if it will fit!” Do you have same problem? Wigs can help you create different looks that are not limited to your natural hair. However, the first step you need to know how to measure your head size and find a suitable wig for you.


Cap Size Chart

Cap size will decide whether your wig can lay down well on your head, so it is very important to choose a suitable size. If you are not sure about your cap size, please look down.

There are three general cap size, size 1, size 2  & average size(4x4 closure wig only), but you can also customized your cap size if you can’t find a suitable size in chart.


3 Steps Help Measure your Head Size

Step One

Lay down your hair as tight as you can before measuring your head size.

Or you can hide your hair with a wig cap.

Step Two

Measure your head size like picture tutorial below, and remember to write down all your measurement.

#1:Make sure the ruler circles around your head and is not loose.

#2:From the center of your hairline (forehead) to the back of your head.

#3: Measure the direct distance between your ears along your hairline.

#4: Measure the distance between the ears along the top of the head.

#5: Measure the distance between the ears from the back of the head.

#6: Measure the width of the neck from the back side.


Step Three

Check your measurement and the size chart, choose a suitable size.

*It may have 1-2’’ error when measuring, please select the size of the data close to you.

Video Guide

Adjust your Wig for Better Fit

Most wigs havecombs and elastic bands for you to adjust the size of the wig, either making it larger or smaller to give you a snug fit.

More Factors

There are a few more factors involved in getting that perfect wig. The length, volume, and thickness of your hair all affect how the wig will sit on your head, and as you can imagine, people with more voluminous hair have a harder time with wigs than those who don’t.

The easiest solution for this is to get a wig cap, but those factors have to be considered when shopping for the cap as well.


Help Center

We are always aims to help our customers get the best product and look they can. Information is available on all product pages to make sure you get the right product. We also offer custom wigs to give your a perfect experience.

If you have any questions about determining your wig size or want to know more about using a wig, please reach out to us. Our wig experts will surely find you a solution.


After reading this guide, we hope our sizing chart and graphic explanation will help you find the right wig for you. The right size and installation will make your wig look more natural, which is what this guide to say.


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