Myfirstwig Wig Class: Healthy Habits for Caring Wigs

A lot of wig beginners are struggling and frustrated when they buy the wig for the first time. They don’t know how to care the wig.


What Myfirstwig can recommend is, after the wet wig is directly washed by shampoo, you can put the leaving conditioner followed by cream and then apply certain amount of oil. If your wig is dry and without any washing, you can just let it wet by spraying a little water before applying leave-in, cream and oil.


If you do the moisture routine when needed, and put the satin cap let your wig air dry, it will be perfect! Or if you don’t like to wear the cap, you can just use a silk scarf or pillow case. You have to have some type of night-time routine so that your wig can be moisture enough.


The last tip we want to share is to leave the heat alone your wig especially if you are a wig beginner. Stop blow drying. Stop pressing. Stop flat ironing. We can truly understand people who want different styles on the wig they order, but the cooler wig will be obviously proper for you to wear, because you don’t have to fight with frizzy pieces. Heat is not really healthy on your wigs, as it causes breakage and heat damage. Also you may have heat damage from blow drying, though people might think it’s indirect heat, whatever, the heat is on your wigs.


Forget about blow dry, remember to have a good moisture routine but do not over do it, and please follow a might-time routine when you need.

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