Myfirstwig Wig Class: How to Choose Wig for Your Face Shape?

Lace wigs have become increasingly popular over the years. They are perfect for those who want to switch up their hairstyle without committing to a permanent change. Lace wigs are often made from human hair, and they are available in different styles, lengths, and colors. However, choosing the right lace wig can be overwhelming, especially when you are unsure of which style will complement your face shape. In this article, we will discuss how to choose lace wig hairstyles for different face shapes.

Round Face

If you have a round face, avoid hairstyles that add width to your face. Instead, opt for hairstyles that add height to your crown. Layered or wavy haircuts that are shoulder length or longer will lengthen your face shape. A side part is also an excellent option for a round face. Long layers that frame your face will help create a more defined look, and this can be achieved using a lace-front wig.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face shape, you can wear almost any hairstyle. This shape of the face is considered the most balanced and proportionate, so you have the freedom to experiment with different hairstyles. You can wear a straight or curly hairstyle, short or long hair; you can’t go wrong with an oval shape face. However, ensure that the style you choose compliments your facial features and overall style.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a broad forehead and a small, pointed chin. The best lace wig hairstyles for heart-shaped faces are chin-length haircuts, long hair with layers, or shoulder-length cuts. These hairstyles will balance your prominent features, and you can add some volume towards the mid-lengths and ends for a fuller look. Avoid a middle part and opt for side parting and hairstyles that frame your face, such as side bangs.

Square Face

If you have a square-shaped face, it means your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in width. To soften your angular features, go for hairstyles that are shoulder length or longer. Waves, curls, and loose layers will create movement, and center or side parts are perfect for a square-shaped face. You can also try a short bob or pixie cut to soften your face shape.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a diamond face shape, your cheekbones are the widest area, while your forehead and jawline are narrower. The best lace wig hairstyles for a diamond-shaped face are long hairstyles and short hairstyles with volume on top. Go for hairstyles that accentuate your eyes, such as bangs or layers that frame your face. Avoid hairstyles that add too much volume to the sides of your face.

Rectangular Face

If you have a rectangular face shape, it means your face is longer than it is wide. To balance out your features, go for hairstyles that add width to your face. Soft waves, curls, and layers that hit right at your collarbone are the best for a rectangular shape face. A side part hairstyle will also add balance to your face shape.


Choosing the right lace wig hairstyle to complement your face shape can be overwhelming, but it’s essential to select a style that accentuates your features. A style that flatters your face shape will make you look confident and feel beautiful. Lace wigs are versatile and durable, and you can quickly transform your look without commitment. Now that you know how to choose a lace wig hairstyle for different face shapes, it’s time to choose your perfect wig!

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