Myfirstwig Wig Class:
How to wash your wig

When you choose a shampoo to wash your wig, the main problem is that, different type of shampoos may design for different hair texture or different style. Wig beginners may easily feel confused when choosing a shampoo that fit you best.

Suggestions from Myfirstwig:

1. Choose a hair product that is designed to be gentle for wigs: Many wig care experts also recommend a pH-balanced shampoo in order to prevent dryness.

2. Don’t forget to use hair conditioners after washing. Then let it air dry and put it vertically. It can make your wig look healthy, because it can help you maintain protein and moisture, as well as prevent possible breakage of your wig. Also, remember to have a deep-conditioning every month.

3. How often do you wash? Actually it is no correct answer, but if you wash your wig too much, it will definitely become drier and drier. But if you wash it not often enough, dust and oil will do a negative effect on the wig. Thus, you can use lukewarm water to wash your wig, in order to keep wigs shiny, as hot water will hurt the hair texture.

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